Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

9 04 2011
Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

Gogo2011 Kobamusaji. First time I read the words I just wondering what it mean. The word gogo2011 is not that weird, it maybe go go 2011, to give spirit for the worker to work hard and reach year 2011 goal. But word kobamusaji is so weird. It is sound like Japanese, but after I check it out on dictionary I found nothing. I try to check it out in the searching engine if the word come from unpopular country or maybe it is slang word or anything that can make me understand the meaning of Gogo2011 Kobamusaji.


After typing the word Gogo2011 Kobamusaji on searching box of Google, I confuse because the result refer to SEO contest. It is SEO contest by Inbound Marketing of Indonesia. Just like common method of SEO, the player should write an article with key phrase Gogo2011 Kobamusaji . And I guess you’ve already know what the key phrase is.

But my wonder is not just stop by the fact of words Gogo2011 Kobamusaji as the part of SEO contest. SEO contest is something common in SEO world. Company will use SEO to put their web site in the highest rank of searching engine result, and this contest is appreciation for SEO lover that help them, including Inbound Marketing of Indonesia. This company is providing internet marketing strategy for every business. They also use SEO as one of the best internet marketing strategy. So it is normal if they held such competition. What I am wondering is how can they get the word Gogo2011 kobamusaji.

Until now, there is no explanation about Gogo2011 Kobamusaji. Inbound marketing only write it down. It is something devastating for me to figure it out. Maybe I should ask to the company. But I don’t know how to contact them. For now, I just wished that the company will explain the meaning of the word in the end of the contest Gogo2011 Kobamusaji.

Would you like to support me for Gogo2011 Kobamusaji seo contest?



One response

17 05 2011

maju trus gan serpnya sdh diatas tuh
di tunggu kunjungan baliknya ya

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